martes, 29 de abril de 2008

Crystal Age "Far Beyond Divine Horizons" (1995)


Oscar Dronjak - Lead Guitars, Vocals (Hammerfall, ex- Ceremonial Oath)
Moses Jonathan - Lead Guitars
Fredrik Larsson - Bass (ex-Hammerfall)
Hans Nilsson - Drums

ACT I: The Proclamation
1. Far Beyond Divine Horizons
2. Fortune And Glory
ACT II: Being Lead Astray
3. The Beauty Of Evil,
4. Son Of Time
5. WindWalker ( Instrumental)
ACT III: Dieties Overthrown
6. Crystals Of The Wise
7. On Blooded Wings
ACT IV: Rage Of Vindication
8. Tempt Not Thy Maker,
9. Star Destroyer
ACT V: Conclusion, The War Endeth
10. Retaliation

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